The Process


1. The grapes we use are grown in vineyards all over the world.  Only the highest quality fruit is used.

2. The juice is processed and shipped to us to make our wines.

3. Oak chips, bentonite and yeast are added to the juice to start the wine making.  When you make wine with us, you are able to participate in this process.

4. The yeast begins to ferment the juice, producing alcohol.

5.   (A) – The wine then gets stabilized to stop the fermentation process and settle out any particle in the juice.

       (B) – In some wines, additional juice is added to make the wine sweeter.

6. The wine gets clarified to make it crystal clear.

7. A 3-stage filter clears out any remaining sediment left in the jug.

8. The finished wine ages for a few weeks before bottling.

9. When your wine is done, you get to come back to bottle, cork, and cap it yourself. Bring friends and food for a truly enjoyable experience!

10. Take home your hand-crafted wine and enjoy a glass... or three!

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