Alaska Denali Winery

Handcrafted Wines by the Glass, Bottle or Batch

Made Locally in Anchorage, Alaska



Breaking News!

Alaska Denali Winery has been affected by global market changes affecting availability and distribution of batch kits.

The Winexpert Kits that Alaska Denali Winery has used will be no more. Our Distributor from British Colombia can no longer service our business needs. Please head to our Sales Page for more information (including discounts for remaining Winexpert kits!).

Micro-Brewed Small Batch Wines and Ports

Alaska Denali Winery is an on-premise wine-making facility. We specialize in crafting personal, micro-brewed batches of wine that meet the discerning palates of our customers.

Wines can be made for special occasions such as weddings, holidays, gifts, parties, or to add a personal touch to your wine cellar. You select which wine(s) you'd like us to create for you at a scheduled wine tasting. Once you decide which wines are your favorite, we immediately start the brewing process in our production facility.


When your wine is completed, we invite you back to bottle, cork, and cap your wine so you can take it home. This part of the process is very hands on and a lot of fun; bring good friends and snacks!

Treat Yourself to a Wine Tasting

In addition to hand-crafted batches of your favorite wines and ports, we also offer a wine tasting experience that you won't find anywhere else in Anchorage. Enjoy six flights of wine from our extensive selection for only $25.00. Tables are available by calling to reserve ahead of time.

Unfortunately we cannot serve food; but please feel free to bring in food from elsewhere! We encourage everyone to bring a sampling of foods to enjoy with your tasting. Food enhances the flavor and complexity of wine when paired well. We are happy to make pairing recommendations for any dishes you bring in!

Now Offering Online Batch and Bottle Order Submission

We are now offering online ordering; simply specify your desired batch(es) or bottled wine(s), the quantity, and any other notes/requests. After submitting your inquiry, one of our team will review your order and contact you to verify identity/age and process payment.