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11901 Industry Way, Bldg A #1, Anchorage, AK 99515   Reservations:(907) 563-9434

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 Alaska Denali Winery is an on-premise wine-making facility. We specialize in crafting personal, micro- brewed batch of wine that meet the discerning palates of our customers. Wines can be made for special occasions such as a wedding or party, or just to add a personal touch to your wine cellar. The wine is selected by you and your friends and family at a pre-scheduled wine tasting, and once you decide which wines are your favorite, we immediately start the brewing process in our production facility. You are able and welcome to participate in this process. When your wine is completed, we invite you back to bottle, cork, and cap your wine with your friends. This part of the process is very hands on and is always fun for everyone.



Mike and I (Cathy) acquired Alaska Denali Winery May 2011.  Both of us are long time residents of Alaska, Mike from Texas and I from Northern Idaho. Mike worked on the North Slope beginning 1981 and I have been in the dental field in Anchorage for 43 years. We have two daughters and two sons with 7 grandchildren and one great grandchild. We love sitting around the campfire during the summer campouts. If weather and time permits, we enjoy doing a little bit of golfing. Since we purchased the winery our favorite hobbies have gone to the wayside. Mike is an excellent wood worker in which turning is his favorite. Generally we have some of his wood wine bottle stoppers for sale in the winery. I enjoy knitting and crocheting. I believe the creative spirit that we both embrace is why we enjoy the wine business as much as we do.



Alaska Denali Winery has a long tradition of flavored dessert wines.  We can help you create a custom Port style or Icewine style by altering the flavor and sweetness of your wines. Just ask us how you can get started with your own batch. Many of our selections are available in 375mL and 750mL bottle sizes. Be sure to ask us what our current promotions are. We also offer several options for restaurateurs and lodges to create custom blends for serving at your eateries. What better way to show off your establishment…imagine a wine made especially for your guests…with your business name on the label!

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